American Emergency Vehicle Convention

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The Police Car Owners of America have been in Europe for amazing 25 years! A crazy idea turned into a success story which still brings joy to young and old enthusiasts today.
We are looking forward to celebrate our anniversary this year, and we would like to celebrate it together with you!

We invite you to the:


30. – 31. July 2022      begin at 12:00 am 
Mo´s Bikertreff  | Kleinewefersstr. 160 | 47803 Krefeld (Germany)

All original American emergency vehicles from Police Cars through Fire Trucks and Ambulances to Police Bikes are invited.

We kindly ask for your acceptance, that no converted civilian vehicles are invited to the convention. All attending vehicles must have an in-service history or must have been built at the factory for the purpose of emergency services (for example with a police package). Show and fantasy vehicles, which have been converted by civillian owners to emergency vehicles, can not participate.

Interested to attend? Please register now:

Registration is only required for participants displaying their vehicle!
Visitors without a vehicle to display are also welcome to visit us and will find a parking lot right next of the entrance area.

Admission fee:
All individuals (participants, passengers and visitors) have to purchase a 5 € food voucher at the entrance to the event area, which can be redeemed at the food stall.

    You have read and agree to the rules of conduct / place rules for the American Emergency Vehicle Convention.